Mission Statement

There are two lenses:

  ♦ Macro Lens:  Designed specifically for close-up capture of diamonds and semi-precious


  ♦ Jewelry Lens:  Works together with the Macro lens in order to capture high quality photos of


Diamonds are very difficult to photograph for a number of reasons:

  ♦  Diamonds are not consistent: They vary in size, shape, color and clarity, and many diamonds         have some kind of fluorescence which is usually blue but can be yellow or white, and varying       in intensity.

  ♦  Diamonds act as a reflector, reflecting any color in its surroundings. For example: If you are         wearing a red shirt, the red can more than likely reflect in the diamond's facets and show up         in the picture.

The DiaScope allows you to take high quality photos of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry at close range. The idea is not to replace the sophisticated photo/video labs that already exist, but to have a useful, portable, and effective tool that is easily accessible and small in size. The DiaScope is totally App Free. It can be used with iOS, Android and Windows smartphone devices so that you can store the photos and easily send them out to potential clients and colleagues.



The DiaScope lens has built-in high quality LED lights which offer two levels of LED brightness for taking photos of diamonds. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.