We are honored to be featured in The Retail Jeweler Magazine's June 2016 issue as a "New and Noteworthy" product!

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"I can honestly recommend the DiaScope to any gemologist, jeweler, and dealers in the gem and jewelry industry!"

"If you have bad eyes and/or low patience for fancy camera equipment, perhaps this is the answer to your quick & dirty magnification needs."

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The Retail Jeweler Magazine

A Graduate Gemologist and Professional Appraisor's Opinion

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A Blogger's Point of View

"I bought a diascope lens at JCK and have loved using it almost daily- in fact, one of the reasons I purchased the diascope at JCK was to send high quality images of diamonds I was looking for to my customers- I was able to make a 6 figure sale thanks to an image I took using the DiaScope.  Here are the images (undoctored) that I used to sell a 5ct radiant... F color vs1 clarity from the JCK floor.  I had payment before the show was over... my customer didn't need to see the diamond- he knew it was the one based off this picture taken by my cell phone."

      -Danny White
        Jeff White Custom Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV